January 22, 2005

New Rating System

I decided I should add a rating system to my posts. However, I didn't want it to be the normal stars type of rating system. The system is usually based on a 1-5 rating, but whatever I think is appropriate and somehow reflects.

The inspiration I guess, came from a wired place, a website that provides top 10 hosting sites ratings. I really like how the authors created very clean and easy to follow ratings, which I kind of struggle to create here. To make it more clear, lets look at one of the pages - A2 hosting review. If you follow that last link, you'll see that the page is split into multiple blocks/sections. Brief summary on top, then detailed rating, then it goes into much deeper details.. I know it's a bit strange example for my website, but hey, I look for inspiration everywhere..

But lets go back to my site for a bit. Here as example, I, Robot got 2 crab legs, because like crab legs, the movie is something I wanted to see, but now having seen it I am disappointed. This is similar to how I view crab legs. I want to eat them, but then I get them, deal with the fuss and mess and feel dissatisfied.

I expect the rating system will get more eclectic before it settles down.

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I, Robot (DVD)

I found I, Robot very disappointing, even knowing that it was going to be not so good going in. A known bad factor can some times be coupled with low expectations to make the movie more enjoyable.

I have not read the books, but it seemed like it squandered good material in exchange for dross. Alex Proyas strengths are played out as weaknesses. There were some moments of excitement and interest, especially those with Sonny the sentient, unique robot, but not enough. It also seemed to start real slow, get lost, and only find its action movie rhythm very, very late in the game.

Will Smith obviously changed the feel of the movie with his light-hearted charm and wit (especially in the beginning), but his comedic elements were only one misstep among many. They should have just made him angry, pissed off, and silent.

Still, in the end, a mess.

Rating: 2 Crab Legs

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January 17, 2005

World of Warcraft - Addiction and Waiting for the Man

I have been playing World of Warcraft for a couple of weeks now. I am definitely hooked. Very addicitive for those who like to get on a rat race of their own choosing. What could be better than to spend your time working your way up the ladder in a matter of days. I am level 20 now, although I couldn't tell you how many days it took. Oh, and you get to kill stuff.

The best part is that I got to experience my own lemmingness. I was playing with a friend, investigating an area around a waterfall. He walked off the cliff next to the waterfall and fell to his death. I followed him happily over the cliff to my own death. Now I know if somebody said it was a good idea to walk off a cliff that I would probably just go along and think it was a good idea.

There is the whole chat part, which creeps me out most of the time, but it is helpful to join up with other players to work through some of the more challenging quests.

Also On the disappointing side, they are starting to ration my drug of choice. Due to the inability of their servers to handle the load, they now have queues to get onto the game. What? A fucking queue? There is a loose thread in the forums comparing the game to Disneyland, as you have to wait in line like for rides at Disneyland. I looked for an official statement, but it was either buried to far under the angry response or not there. I kind of expected it to be on the main page, but that might deter people from joing the cult of World of Warcraft.

I heartily recommend this for those who want a good solid addiction, without the fuss and muss of having to enter a rehab clinic to kick the habit.

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